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I was born in 1987 in Chile and grew up in southern Patagonia. Surrounded by lush nature and a traditional way of life whose center are the community life, I have always been interested in the diversity of cultures, observing everyday customs - which we naturally accept as our own without asking about their true origins - and the little details in life.

Out of curiosity about different perspectives, I finally studied anthropology and photography.

My work specialises in portrait photography because I am fascinated by the process involved in a photo shoot. I love the idea of meeting someone and being able to portray their essence, capturing their authenticity in a gesture or a look and expressing who they really are through an image. It is a work of trust and respect mixed with creativity and light.


In addition to portrait photography, I am also increasingly interested in corporate photography - it is incredibly exciting not only to capture the character of a person visually, but also the essence and appearance of an entire company via their website, social media presentation as well as corporate Events. To this end, I am also working increasingly with graphic designers, marketing and advertising agencies. 

Since 2012 I live in Vienna/Austria and work actively in photographic portraiture and analog laboratory work. This is why since 2020 I have been an official committee member of professional photographers state guild of Vienna where the rights and obligations of photographers are represented.

Member of professional photographers state guild of Vienna

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